Jun 24, 2016


She has her insecurities. Most of the time, she can't really explain where they came from. All she knows is that she can just get hit by a sudden unreasonable blue feeling. Don't push her to tell the reasons why, because as said before, she cant even find the explanation or the reasons why. Or maybe it's because of her sensitive and fragile heart. She didn't ask to have such a weak heart though. She prayed everyday to keep it strong enough to go through all these situations. She wears a smile, but maybe she's just trying to hide her true feelings since she is in no words to describe how she actually feels. Forgive her for making you confused at times. Because one moment she can be perfectly fine and all smiles, but one moment later she may turn to be a bit odd or make you frustrated 'cause you can't figure out what's wrong with her to change so suddenly. She has her insecurities. Sometimes she just needs your words of comfort, or maybe some special attention. Just don't leave her hanging cause she actually wants you to hold on to her ❤
-Stay Safe and ThankYou (:-

Apr 1, 2013

More Coming Soon

Assalamualaikum :)

For your information, I am now facing my final examinations for the second semester in university (Alhamdulillah). Hopefully I can survive the finals this sem. I haven't prepared anything and as usual, studying last minute is my priority :D hahah.

Anywayyyyy, there have been a lot of changes that kinda impacted my life recently. They are both BAD and GOOD. All Praise to Allah because I know and I believe, none of this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for HIS power. So, Alhamdulillah. These changes have made me open my eyes wider to the things happening around me in the present and also to what has happened in the past.

Therefore, I look forward to sharing all these stories to you. Hopefully the stories can give you the same positive effect like how they have given me. InsyaAllah, will be posting them bit by bit after I have finished my exams (a.k.a during my sem break).

That's all from me. Do wish me all the best for my finals and also your prayers can also help ^^ hehe. Take care now.

Wassalam :)

-Stay Safe and ThankYou (:-